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The Edit is a capsule kit of essential skincare items to simplify your daily self-care routine. An eco-luxe range of natural active ingredients and pure aromatics, carefully formulated for healthy, glowing skin. Proudly made in New Zealand and refined over our more than 25 years as beauty insiders, this is the ultimate shortlist: a skin-perfecting curation of everything we know, bringing results plus luxury to your day.

Gone are the multitude of steps and worrying ingredients of traditional routines. Our focus is on just what your skin needs and that we know works – while fitting with your life to keep things doable and stress-free. Parabens, sulphates and other nasties are out; potent natural ingredients, like macadamia nut oil and bamboo powder, are in.

 From celebrity make-up and fashion shoots in Milan to running an orchard in Australia – where beauty meant a sunhat and a splash of freshly harvested macadamia oil – our philosophy is one of glamorous simplicity. A self-care routine that delivers fresh, youthful skin without taking all your time.

 The Edit collection is skincare at its most indulgent and rewarding. A simple, vital ritual for today – and for a lifetime.

Meet the founder - Michelle’s story


When I was very young growing up in New Zealand I was always infatuated by fashion magazines and the clothing and beauty pictures inside.I wanted to re-create the looks on the models and be a part of that amazing creative process. It was inevitable that I would become a makeup artist one day. I first trained as a beauty therapist in Sydney Australia but very quickly specialised in makeup. Through hard work and determination my dream came true and I have not veered off my path for more than 25 years as a freelance makeup artist.

 Travelling and working around the world for fashion and beauty shoots, working with models, celebrities, musicians, sports people, actors, dancers and people from all walks of life and all ages, there is not much I haven’t had to fix, fake, create or transform. I have always just had a passion for making women and men look and feel their most beautiful selves, whether it be in front of a camera, live on stage or for a special occasion. Whatever the moment, I live to bring out the best with what they have and believe me everyone has that certain something that just needs to be teased out, highlighted and shown off to make them shine! 


Many of the transformations and looks I have created have been in difficult environments under crazy pressure from tyrannical fashion editors, photographers and clients. From trying weather patterns, perilous locations and ridiculous time restraints (“yes, she needs to be ready for a cover shot in 15mins, while the light is perfect”) this said at 5pm after a 4am start to get the early light! Lord that makeup has already been on all day!

 While this sounds hard I have always thrived on this kind of pressure- to produce momentous beauty at a moment’s notice often without the necessary tools or time. What this has produced is creativity, thinking outside the box and a talent for quick fixes often made up on the spur of the moment. How do I achieve a glowing, “no-makeup” makeup on less than perfect skin? How do I make her skin look less red, how do I hide open pores or uneven skin tone without packing on foundation and concealer, how do I hide dark under-eyes?

Experiencing such a vast and varied array of faces  (it would be many thousands) I have come to understand that the basis of all the most successful transformations and makeups in general is undoubtedly and unequivocally the SKIN. When I work with a client or model who has healthy balanced skin the whole experience just floats along organically and it doesn’t seem to matter what look you’re trying to achieve, it all falls into place-EVERYTHING just looks better with great skin! Which leads to my other obsession –GREAT SKIN! 


A huge part of the prep process when doing makeup is of course skincare products to prep and prime the clients skin to achieve that lovely bouncy, hydrated, balanced skin that makeup will glide onto lovingly and blend seamlessly for natural dewy coverage. This is always a good makeup artist’s secret weapon- the PREP. I have used it all over the years when it comes to skincare, (on myself and on the job) also working closely with beauty editors. With this boundless knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, what is “good” skin and what isn’t, what are “good” ingredients and what aren’t, I have created my own capsule skincare range that I believe takes the guess work out of achieving healthy, hydrated, stress free skin without the confusion of a million different brands and ranges. I have included key ingredients aimed at hydration, exfoliation, strengthening, protecting and repairing, which I believe are the cornerstones of good skin health.  Something simple, natural, botanically active, that will do the job day in, day out. Something that will get results quickly and isn’t time consuming to do, just a normal cleanse and moisturise routine with a serum thrown in and you’re good to go! I have given great thought and energy to the packaging design, with no lids to lose or break, keeping the containers efficient and sleek specifically for travelling so they fit easily into your cosmetics bag and wont leak (Yay! We’ve all been there!). And to top it all off a gentle sexy fragrance for each product to take you on a journey of your own every time you use it, so you remember how special and unique you are in this crazy world of stuff we all run around trying to achieve, so just pause, breathe and be your best self!

All in the name

My whole career has been to edit this and edit that- working with fashion and beauty editors, and photographers minimalizing and refining what really matters, what really shines, what really works, so it was a no-brainer to call my range The Edit. It really is an edit of the last 25 years of my career and I hope it ends up being your go-to self-care edit as well.

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