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Skincare That Cares For Our Planet

“1000 grams of plastic collected from the oceans are equivalent to 900grams of new packaging”

We feel strongly that as participants in the beauty industry we have a duty to be part of the solution not the problem of plastic waste on our planet and in our oceans, which is why we have chosen to use Ocean Waste Plastic in our packaging.

Ocean Waste Plastic

This technology uses fewer resources, emits 75% less greenhouse gases than producing new virgin plastic resin and is a sustainable solution for the environmental issue of ocean pollution. 

We are proud to be industry leaders in the use of this amazing resource.

We want to clean up the oceans, reduce waste, recover plastic before it ends up in our oceans and provide an alternative source of input to virgin resin. By combining our extensive knowledge of design, innovation and production we are able to rethink how we use and design plastic packaging.

Ocean Waste Plastic Circular Supply Chain

The Ocean Waste Plastic packaging is kept in a closed-loop system.

We want to create a circular supply chain, in which we not only reduce waste but also provide an alternative source of input. This means that materials constantly flow around a closed-loop system, rather than being used once and then discarded. In this way, we make more effective use of material, which means lower costs and less waste. A win-win situation – especially for the environment.


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